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ARCH 5452: Architecture: Design, Form, Order, and Meaning

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Architecture: Design, Form, Order, and Meaning

ARCH 5452

Gunter Dittmar
Associate Professor

Course Description:
The project-based module's main objective is to bridge Architectural Theory with Architectural Design. As such, the module explores the architecture of a range of currently leading architects whose work is informed by, and reflects, a particular philosophical and/or theoretical viewpoint, ranging from Phenomenology to Post-Structuralism. The investigations focus on an in-depth, intellectual, architectural and design analysis of a representative work of each paradigm (premise, process, form, order and meaning). Though supplemented by readings, lectures and discussions, the studies are primarily undertaken from a designer’s rather than a critic's approach, i.e. via design explorations using visual media (drawings, diagrams, physical and digital modeling, etc.) rather than verbal or written discourse.


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