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Building Makes Things Better: LITTLE BOX SAUNA by Molly Dalsin


Building Makes Things Better: LITTLE BOX SAUNA

By Molly Dalsin


As an architecture graduate student, I’m always looking for excuses to get off the computer and get my hands dirty working with materials, learning new tools, and building pretty much anything. Helping construct the LITTLE BOX SAUNA was the perfect opportunity. During my mid-semester crunch of papers, reviews, and intense studio work, it was a perfect break to chop-saw some cedar, install insulation, and rip down some 2x12s. Even if it’s not proven, I’m pretty sure the smell of fresh cut wood is therapeutic. The bonus of my timing was that the 80,000 BTU Scandia propane heater (the largest made) was already installed, so we didn’t have to put up with the chill of Minnesota winters for long.


The Hack Factory in Minneapolis was a great host for the project, and provided a new adventure to explore unique tools and techniques. It’s a Twin Cities maker space that is funded by members. Since it’s not just a space for architects, the projects in process ranged from furniture to sculpture to robotics to the mobile sauna. The project was a great opportunity to get to know faculty, community members, and other students in a venue away from campus and the day to day demands of school.


Curious what the LITTLE BOX SAUNA is? So was I. It’s a project taken on by Molly Reichert (UMN Adjunct Assistant Professor) and Andrea Johnson (Assistant Professor), commissioned as part of Creative Placemaking in the South Loop, an initiative of Bloomington Theatre and Art Center and the City of Bloomington.


Check out the blog and details here: LITTLE BOX SAUNA


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