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AIA Convention - November 10-13, 2015


AIA Convention Coverage by Sarah Ward


The American Institute of Architects Minnesota holds an annual convention to share new ideas, insights into the future of architecture, and celebrate the triumphs of the past year.  This year, the convention ran from November 10th to the 13th.   November 12 was “Student Day.”

I love student day because it’s a chance for me to learn outside of the classroom.  The AIA and University of Minnesota made it easy for students to participate because they graciously arranged a reduced entrance fee.  There was also a shuttle provided by Marvin Windows and Doors that transported students from Rapson Hall to the convention center.  

My favorite part of convention this year was the “Illuminating the Path to Leadership for Emerging Professionals” session.  The young professionals who sat on the panel told their individual stories about how they got into leadership positions in their careers.  They also gave a plethora of general advice on how to achieve what you want in your career.  Among the wisdom shared by the panelists was the message to “brand yourself” and get licensed!  

Besides this session, I enjoyed hearing the various presenters speak on the theme for this year, “Creative Disruption.”  As students, I think we can relate! I also applaud AIA MN for incorporating social media into the entire conversation.  Students became really engaged in the architectural conversations through #AIAMNCONV.  


Here are some tweets from the convention:

Post by: Eryn H. Kim, M.Arch. GD2

Pictured: Kyle Burr, M.Arch. GD2

Post by: Amanda Maldonado, M.Arch. GD2

In response to “Programming Place: Incorporating the Art of Movement in Space”

Post by: Anna Cobus, M.Arch GD2

Overall, the convention was a great way to make connections between students and the profession.  The involvement of students in this convention and the American Institute of Architecture Students should tell the world something:

Get ready… the students are coming!

For more information about AIA MN go to and check out more tweets from students and professionals at


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