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Clearing Project Completed at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer Minnesota


CLEARING takes its formal arrangement from the locations of artworks currently arrayed in the park, yet holds its own as a cluster of repeating elements.

We aimed to erase views of the existing artwork through a series of voids delimited by black figures: in this case, pairs of mirrors mounted to 28’-tall repurposed City of Minneapolis lampposts. Mowed paths emphasize these corridors through the prairie landscape in a clear departure from the existing network of rectilinear paths. As you move through the space, the surrounding artworks appear and disappear from view putting the sculptures, the horizon, and the surrounding space in continual juxtaposition.

Much of our work relies on embodied experience and is difficult to photograph. Please venture out to Shafer, MN to experience this work in person and enjoy one of Minnesota’s cherished spaces for experimental artwork.

We are having an opening on Sunday, October 29, from 4pm - 7pm at Franconia Sculpture Park


Commissioned by Franconia Sculpture Park

steel, mirror, concrete, enamel paint 

136 x 89 x 32 feet

FSP/Jerome Fellowship artists:
Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of Dream The Combine

Additional fabrication and installation by:
Bo Jacobsson, Erik Grinde, and Todd Fitcher of Jacobsson Carruthers
John Hock, Matt Falve, Samantha Rathbun, Matthew Mroz, and Angela St. Vrain of Franconia Sculpture Park


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