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Areas of Expertise

Daylighting, Solar Design, Biophilic and Sustainable Design

"Let the beauty we love, be what we do."  - Rumi

Mary Guzowski is a Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota. She teaches and conducts research related to daylighting, biophilia, and sustainable design. Her recent research has focused on aesthetic and ecological innovations in daylighting and solar design, including a new book entitled the Art of Architectural Daylighting: Design and Technology London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd., 2018). As a recent recipient of a Nuckolls Grant for Lighting Education, she and Professor Abi Asojo (Interior Design) have developed a new Lighting Design Minor and advanced lighting design course in the College of Design. She is currently working with a team of architects, landscape architects, and interior design faculty in the College of Design to explore biophilc net-positive design across scales and disciplines.


Mary has a Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle and a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her continued fascination with daylighting, the natural environment, and ecology has shaped her architectural research and teaching. Interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to education, research, and practice are essential to her work. She has been involved with a broad community of design educators and practitioners, including the Society of Building Science Educators, the American Solar Energy Society, the Associate Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and the AIA Committee on the Environment.


Her research publications include the books Art of Architectural Daylighting (Laurence King), Towards Zero Energy Architecture: New Solar Design (Laurence King) and Daylighting for Sustainable Design (McGraw Hill); web-based design resources including the Zero+ Campus Design Project, Carbon Neutral Design Project, Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide, the Minnesota Green Housing Design Guide, the Initiative for Renewable Energy in Architecture; and scholarly and professional articles.  During the past decade she has received a variety of funded research projects related to ecological design education and practice. Mary has received awards from the AIA COTE and AIA Minnesota for her contributions to ecological design education. She recently received the Distinguished Professors' ACSA "Best Paper Award" for an article on her "Biophilic Net-Positive Design Studio" in the second year of the M.Arch Program.


Published Books

  • Guzowski, M. Towards Zero Energy Architecture: New Solar Design. London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd., 2010. (Published in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian; released in August 2010; international distribution.)
  • Guzowski, M. Daylighting for Sustainable Design. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000. (Published in English in 2000, Chinese 2002, and Japanese in 2004; international distribution.)
  • Lehrman, B. and L. Abraham, M. Guzowski, and L. Neckar.  “Chapter 21: Towards the Zero+ Campus: multi-disciplinary design pedagogy and the energy-water nexus,” for the book Sustainable Energy Landscapes: Designing, Planning and Development; editors: A. van den Dobbelsteen and S. Stremke; London: CRC/Taylor & Francis Group. (Peer review chapter, 2012.) 


Select Articles and Papers in Academic and Professional Publications


Select Grants Received            

  • Guzowski, M. and Abi Asojo, Genell Ebbini, Joe Favour, Richard Graves, Jessica Rossi-Mastracci, "A Biophilic Approach to Net-Positive Design, College of Design, University of Minnesota, 2020-2021 (P.I.).
  • Asojo, A., and M. Guzowski, Lighting Design Minor, Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education, 2018-2020 (Co-P.I.).
  • Graves, R. and B. Keeler (Co-P.I.); M. Guzowski, S. Polasky, S. Hobbie, J. Hellman, and R. Strong. “Sustainable Development: Architecture and Planning within the Ecological Footprint of One Planet,” Grand Challenges Research Grant, University of Minnesota, 2016-2018 (Research Team Member).
  • Guzowski, M. "Art of Architectural Daylighting," Imagine Fund, University of Minnesota, 2015-16 (P.I.).
  • Strong, R. and M. Guzowski (2010-12: L. Neckar, L. Abraham, B. Lehrman, et al). “Zero+ Campus Design Project,” Office of the Provost, University of Minnesota, 2010-2015 (Co-P.I.).
  • Wasley, J., T. Meyer Boake, M. Guzowski, and J. Quale.  “Carbon Neutral Design Project,” American Institute of Architects (AIA), 2008-2009 with the educational initiative on-going, AIA and Oak Hill Foundation (Co-P.I.).
  • Guzowski M. and J. Carmody.  “Initiative for Renewable Energy in Architecture (reARCH),” Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), 2006-2008 (P.I.). 
  • Carmody. J, M. Guzowski, and R. Strong. “Minnesota Zero Energy Design Protocol (mnZED Protocol),” MPCA, 2007-2009 (Co-P.I.).
  • Carmody, J., F. Forsyth, M. Guzowski, P. Huelman, and L. Lavine.  “Affordable Housing Initiative,” U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs; 2004-2007 (Co-P.I.). 
  • Guzowski, M., L. Lavine, and P. Huelman. “Phase One:  The Single Family Pilot House Demonstration Project,” Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 2002-2004 (P.I.). 
  • Carmody, J. and M. Guzowski.  “Integrating Sustainable Design and Affordable Housing in Minnesota (Minnesota Green Housing Design Guide),” Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (MnOEA), State of Minnesota, 2002-2004 (Co-P.I.).
























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