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Adjunct Faculty Directory

Name Position Email Address
Eric Amel Adjunct Assistant Professor
Aaron Amosson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Bjornberg Assistant Adjunct Professor
Matthew Byers Adjunct Professor
John Cook Professor in Practice
Alex Duval Associate Professor in Practice
Nina Ebbighausen Adjunct Assistant Professor
Meghan Elliott Adjunct Assistant Professsor
Monica Fogg Lecturer
Elizabeth Gales Adjunct Assistant Professor
Robert (Bob) Ganser Adjunct Assistant Professor
Todd Grover Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dzenita Hadziomerovic Adjunct Instructor
Dan Handeen Lecturer
Ryan Hopeman Adjunct Instructor
James Howarth Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adam Jarvi Teaching Specialist
Nathan Knutson Professor in Practice
Jeffrey Mandyck Adjunct Assistant Professor
Aaron Marx Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ian McLellan Adjunct Instructor
Jody McGuire Adjunct Assistant Professor
Martha McQuade Adjunct Assistant Professor
Garrett Mosiman Lecturer
Matt Olson Adjunct Instructor
Victor Pechaty Professor in Practice
Phil Rader Adjunct Instructor
Todd Rhoades Professor in Practice
Virajita Singh Lecturer
Patrick A. Smith Adjunct Instructor
Richard Strong Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow Center for Sustainable Building Research (CSBR)
Mark Tambornino Adjunct Assistant Professor
Duane "Dewey" Thorbeck Adjunct Professor
Marcelo Valdes Adjunct Instructor
Nick Wallin Adjunct Instructor
Geoffrey Warner Adjunct Instructor
James Wheeler Teaching Specialist
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