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Vahan Misakyan, Cass Gilbert Fellow

Vahan Misakyan

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Vahan Maksim Misakyan practiced in Armenia, both as an architect and a researcher. He has carried out design projects in Yerevan, as well as various critical-spatial projects engaging themes of surveillance, collective memory, politics, conflict, and human agency. He holds an M.S. in Advanced Architectural Design and an M.S. in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices from the Columbia University, GSAPP, where he also taught prior to joining the University of Minnesota.

Vahan's research and pedagogy explore modalities in which architectural thought can manifest change, and be changed in real circumstances of human life beyond the built medium. At the UMN School of Architecture, he is teaching studio, theory, and representation courses. Some of the classes taught are "Compounding Anthroposphere," investigating the human world effect and world-forming functions as a discrete scale-story of climate change; "Surveillant City" picturing beyond uncomplicated solutionist utopia of the smart-city, and so on. Vahan's current research is "of anthropoveillance discourse." His exhibition is currently on display at the HGH Gallery, Rapson Hall.

Courses Taught at the School of Architecture

Spring 2019

ARCH 4150 - Topics in Architecture, "Anthropoveillance Vol-S"

ARCH 8299 - Master’s Final Project

Fall 2018

ARCH 8350 - Advanced Topics in Representation, "Architecting Anthropoveillance; Agent, Data, Vector, Territory"

ARCH 8255 - Graduate Design III Studio, "Surveillant City"

Spring 2018

ARCH 5411 - Principles of Design Theory, "Architecting Anthropoveillance"

ARCH 5250 - Topics in Design, "Compounding Anthroposphere"

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