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Bachelor of Design in Architecture (B.D.A) Undergraduate Admissions

Bachelor of Design in Architecture (B.D.A) Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Processes and Deadlines

Bachelor of Design in Architecture (BDA) Program

Applicants must have completed or be in the process of completing freshman composition, Arch 1281, Arch 2281 and Arch 2301-- a total of 30 college credits (end of freshman Pre-Architecture year for most students). A GPA of 2.8 or above is preferred for admissions to the BDA program. Note: Students moving from the Pre-Architecture to BDA major must follow the College of Design transfer admission process. Transfer Admissions deadlines and application materials

Graduates of the BDA program are well prepared to apply to the School of Architecture's 3-year Master of Architecture program, as well as programs at other schools, per their admissions requirements.


Accelerated BDA/M.Arch Program

Who Should Apply?

For high-achieving students, the School of Architecture offers an option to apply for the Accelerated BDA / M.Arch degree. This is a streamlined admissions process into the Master of Architecture program for students currently enrolled in the BDA program. Students will be able to fulfill required courses for both degrees simultaneously in the last three years of study making it possible for students to earn a Bachelor's of Design in Architecture (BDA) and a Master of Architecture degree (M.Arch) in six years.

Students may apply at the end of their junior year of the BDA program (within 32 credits of completing the degree requirements) and be admitted to the graduate program in their senior year. Program plans for completion of both degrees are part of the application. Students would be classified as undergraduate students in their senior year, but an undergraduate student could transfer no more than 16 credits to the graduate program after completing requirements for the BDA degree. The graduate degree may not be earned before the undergraduate requirements are satisfied. The undergraduate degree must be completed during the first year of the 3-year MArch program.

  • The two degrees cannot be granted at same time.
  • The BDA degree must always precede the M.Arch degree.
  • Students may not double count credits toward both degrees.


Criteria for Admission

Only students currently enrolled in the BDA program at the University of Minnesota are eligible to apply for this program. (Students from other programs or universities should visit the Graduate Application Information page for instructions on how to apply for our MS and M.Arch programs.)

The application would occur during the last semester of the junior year.  By this time, all Liberal Education requirements must be completed as well as ALL of the required BDA coursework. The following courses must be completed to be eligible to apply:

ARCH 1281 - Design Fundamentals 1 (4.0 cr)

ARCH 2281 - Design Fundamentals II (4.0 cr)

ARCH 2301 - Intro to Drawing in Architecture (4.0 cr)

ARCH 3411 - Architectural History to 1750 [HIS, GP, WI] (3.0 cr)

ARCH 3412 - Architectural History Since 1750 [HIS, GP, WI] (3.0 cr)

ARCH 3250 - Design Workshop (12 cr min)

ARCH secondary core requirements (9 credits min)

Eligibility to apply will be based on the BDA GPA (that is, the GPA of the 39 credits of required BDA courses listed above) as well as overall GPA. The preferred BDA GPA is 3.8 or higher.


How do I Apply?

  • Students with a GPA between 3.5 and 3.8 may apply but must also submit a GRE score.
  • Pre-screening application deadline for fall semester eligibility (June 1). Complete application must be submitted before June 15 for fall semester.
  • Application to the accelerated program must include all materials for the 3-year M.Arch. (portfolio, letters of recommendation, writing samples, etc).
  • Upon successful completion of the first year (of three) of the M.Arch program, students must have completed the BDA degree.
  • Students advancing to the second year of the 3-year M.Arch program will apply to the graduate school during the normal application time (see M.Arch program). At that time application will only include the on-line graduate school application to the Graduate Program. (no portfolio, letters of recommendation, writing samples, or GRE will be required).

A Committee of Graduate Faculty will meet during the summer to evaluate the application. Only a limited number of seats are available each year.



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