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Student Employment

Student Employment


Teaching and Research Assistantships

The School of Architecture offers approximately 95 teaching and research assistantships each academic year. Students appointed as teaching assistants help faculty in their graduate and undergraduate courses. Research assistants aid faculty in their research.

The financial benefits of an assistantship are three-fold:
1. Tuition Discount - of approximately $3000.
2. Salary - Assistants receive pay of $17.08 per hour for 195 hours for a total of approximately $3,330 per semester.
3. Health Care - Assistants receive a generously discounted health benefits plan.

Fellowships and assistantships are one-term appointments.  These appointments are usually made at the end of a term for the following term.


Student Employment within the University

The Student Employment Office is maintained to give assistance to self-supporting students in obtaining employment outside of the School but within the University during termtime. Student job listings can be found online here.


Job Opportunities outside the University

The School is often advised of various job opportunities outside the University that may interest architectural students, including work in local architectural offices, small architectural jobs, etc. These opportunities are posted for the convenience of students who may be seeking outside work.

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