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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Scholarships, assistantships and loans provide the most common forms of support for students.  Please read carefully below about each type of aid.



Each academic year, the School of Architecture invites continuing students to apply for approximately $165,000 in scholarships. Selection is made by a faculty committee based on application and portfolio.



A. For New Students

New first-year M. Arch. students of our three year program generally are not considered for teaching or research assistantships. 

New M.S. students who possess a professional architecture degree (B. Arch or M. Arch) will be considered for assistantships.


B. For All Continuing Students (M. Arch and M.S. students)

Each academic year, the School of Architetcure awards approximately 95 teaching and research positions to our continuing students.  Continuing students are contacted and invited to apply for positions in the spring each year for the following academic year.

The financial benefits of an assistantship are three-fold:

1. Tuition Discount - of approximately $3500.

2. Salary - Assistants receive pay of $17.08 per hour for 195 hours for a total of approximately $3,330. per semester.

3. Health Care - Assistants receive a generously discounted health benefits plan.



A student loan is an obligation that must be repaid after you complete your degree or cease to be enrolled full-time.

The FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines your eligibility for federal/state loan resources.  This form is completed online FAFSA after January 1 of each year.  Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to fill out this form.  The previous year’s federal tax forms should have been completed before you complete the FAFSA form.  It is in your best interest to complete the FAFSA form as soon after January 1 as possible - and certainly before March 1.

If you are a first time FAFSA filer, you will need to get a US Department of Education PIN.  The PIN serves as an identifier for you in the Department of Education systems.  To get a PIN,

When you submit the FAFSA form you will be prompted to have the results sent to universities.  The University of Minnesota school code is 003969.

In the months preceding the start of classes, the University of Minnesota will assign you email and student accounts. The same login and password will be used for both.  Loan information will be sent to these accounts including what steps you need to take to complete the loan ‘paperwork’ which is all done online.  Once finalized, the University will credit your student account and inform you how much left you need to pay or how much in excess will be sent to you as a check, or if you prefer, to be kept in your student account.

More information about student finances can be obtained online at financialaid.


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