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Graduate Admissions

The UMN School of Architecture offers graduate-level programs in architecture:

Master of Architecture

M.S. in Arch. - Sustainable Design

M.S. in Arch. - Metropolitan Design

M.S. in Arch. - Research Practices

M. Heritage Studies and Public History


The Master of Architecture program is the professional degree for those seeking to become licensed architects. 

The four M.S. programs offer a combination of academic and applied research opportunities, as well as professionally-oriented coursework, however, they do not satisfy the educational requirement for professional licensing.

The graduate admissions pages here will guide you through the admission process for these 5 programs.  Please pay careful attention to slight variations in the required application materials depending on the degree sought.





PLEASE NOTE:  Electronic submission of the portfolio is now our preferred method.  Visit Application Process for more information.



M. Arch — January 15, 2021
The priority application submission date is January 15, 2021. The School of Architecture offers a total of nearly $1,000,000 in assistance annually to students in the Masters of Architecture program. Thanks to the generosity and support from alumni, as well as the Twin Cities Architecture community, the school is able to award approximately $350,000 in scholarship funding. In addition, the school funds more than 60 graduate assistantship positions valued at approximately $600,000. 

M.S. SD — Rolling Admissions

Apply 4 months before entry

M.S. MD — Rolling Admissions

Apply 4 months before entry

M.S. RP — Rolling Admissions

Apply 4 months before entry

M. HSPH — March 2019

Our professional M. Arch. program can be combined with one of the M.S. programs as a Concurrent Degrees.


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