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ARCH 3250: Architecture and Social Media: Humanitarian Design in the Facebook Era

  • It's Your North
  • Augmented Reality Design
  • Echo Connect
  • RouteFinder
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention
  • Preserve This!

Architecture and Social Media: Humanitarian Design in the Facebook Era

Fall Semester 2011

Aaron Westre

Course Description:
Design process as it relates to architecture. Hands-on projects involving interactive design process. Students develop rigorous/inventive graphic means of communicating.



It's Your North
"Our goal was to create a website and mobile application that empowered youth to engage with their community. Eliciting responses for the future development of West Broadway in North Minneapolis, kids can engage with adults in the community, as well. The website provides a multimedia environment that also serves the purpose of creating a living history of the neighborhood."

Tiana Carretta and Katy Kenyon










Augmented Reality Design
"We looked into augmented reality phone/tablet applications and how they can be used to improve the skyways in Minneapolis. The skyways offer a somewhat controlled environment for testing our findings. We developed a mockup of a website and an application that would pull from the same data pool. Users of these platforms would be able to, tag locations in need, upload designs, view them in their real location as well as comment and rate design proposals. There is also a drawing/object placing feature to generate more interest among non-designers."

Jeff Swiontkowski, Sam Daley and Dankat Keswet

Echo Connect
"Our goal was to create a website where the Camp Echo community could stay connected year round, rather than justsummer season. In this website campers, staff, parents, and alumni and communicate with one another and reminisce about camp while also collaborate on way to make Camp Echo better."

Aaron Ausing, Natasha Sulaeman and Elena Yablong

Preserve This!
"Our goal is to inform and communicate ideas to people within local communities about current preservation and restoration projects. We hope to spread the word with the help of today's social media technology and its collaborative capabilities; to inform, motivate, and engage public participation into relevant projects. As more and more people start to participate, we hope that our efforts can change how local communities react to preservation and restoration projects."

Shane Thornes, Benjamin David and Pheng Vang

"The primary goal of this project is to improve the metro transit website and to create a mobile app that would make it easier for people to use the Minneapolis bus system and encourage the use of public transportation. We designed an improved website that makes it easier for people to figure out the best routes to take, as well as a place to voice their opinions about the transit system. The new mobile app is an extension of the website, and allows people to access the same information on the go."

John Bierman, Matt Greeninger and Amanda Yang

Childhood Obesity Prevention
"A social application for tracking and encouraging healthy behaviors at school."

Liz Torgeson, Megan Fowler and Sam Gorr

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