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ARCH 3250: Conceptual Mapping (also Mapping and Diagramming)

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Conceptual Mapping (also Mapping and Diagramming)

Spring Semester 2010

Andrzej Piotrowski

In this course, the world of images and urban reality will be studied as saturated with significant but not obvious features. Some of them are overt and intentional, some randomly accumulated by life. All these features are essential in the processes of designing. explore how modes of representation relate to conceptual and critical thinking learn to identify and map design decisions in images and in the material world; learn to generate and explore design ideas; generally improve graphic skills; Exercises will include: basic scanning, printing, and editing of images; digital photography; line and value drawing; reading and editing of maps; analogue and digital explorations of 2D compositions and material environments. The work will be divided into two phases. (1) exploration of a printed advertisement. (2) exploration of an urban site and a design intervention.


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