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M.S. in Architecture - Sustainable Design Electives


The M.S. in Architecture - Sustainable Design track requires a total of 34 credits, twelve credits of which are electives: six credits of  electives in architecture; and six credits of electives outside of architecture. Students who choose to complete Plan B Project(s) must take an additional 10 credits, which may consist of electives inside or outside of architecture, as well as additional Core Competency courses.

The following are elective courses, both inside and outside of architecture, that sustainable design students have found to augment, compliment, or supplement the program's Requirements and Core Competencies. This is neither an exclusive nor an exhaustive list of elective offerings. Students are encouraged to pursue their own unique interests in sustainable design, with the following caveats in mind: to count toward completion of the MS degree, the course must be graduate level; prerequisites and other restrictions both within and beyond the control of the School of Architecture may prevent enrollment in some courses; students should be prepared to explain to the program director how the elective course is relevant to sustainable design and advances the student's academic and career interests.


Electives Inside Architecture

ARCH 5521: Material Investigations: Concrete
ARCH 5523: Material Investigations: Stone and Water
ARCH 5527: Material Investigations: Wood

ARCH 5426: Architecture and Nature: 1500-1750

ARCH 5541: Material Strategies

ARCH 5550: Topics in Technology (multiple courses - see program director for approval)

ARCH 5993: Directed Study (contingent on advisor and program director approval)

ARCH 8560: Advanced Topics in Technology (multiple courses - see program director for approval)


*Note: students may also take additional courses beyond the two that are required to fullfil their requirement for electives inside architecture. 


Electives Outside Architecture

BBE 5414: Advanced Residential Building Science

BBE 5415: Advanced Residential Building Science Lab (take with BBE 5414 above)

CE 5180: Design for Sustainable Development

DES 5168: Evidence-Based Design

EEB 5053: Ecology: Theory and Concepts

ESPM 5242: Methods for Natural Resource and Environmental Policy

ESPM 5245: Sustainable Land Use Planning and Policy

ESPM 5251: Natural Resources in Sustainable International Development

ESPM 5256: Natural Resource Law and the Management of Public Lands & Waters

ESPM 5261: Economics and Natural Resources Management

ESPM 5603: Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

ESPM 5604: Environmental Management Systems and Strategy

ESPM 5605: Recycling: Extending Raw Materials Supplies

GEOG 5605W: Geographical Perspectives on Planning

HSci 5244: History of Ecology and Environmentalism

LA 5413: Introduction to Landscape Architectural History

LA 5514: Making the Mississippi

PA 5211: Land Use Planning

PA 5253: Designing Planning and Participation Processes

PA 5271: Geographic Information Systems: Applications in Planning and Policy Analysis

PA 5511: Community Economic Development

PA 5721: Energy and Environmental Policy

PA 5722: Environmental and Resource Economics Policy

PA 8203: Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies and Theories

PSY 5960: Environmental Decision Making: Place and Space from Lawns to Climate

PUBH 6103: Exposure to Environmental Hazards

RRM 5101: Park & Protected Area Tourism

RRM 5101: Nature & Heritage Based Tourism


Students are advised to consult the Course Guide to learn more about electives, to check the Class Schedule to determine when courses are offered, and to use the following program planning worksheet for planning purposes.




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