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A big thank you goes out to our Centennial Class Representatives!  They helped the school find "lost" alumni, and improve class contact lists, and also helped personalize the celebration by reaching out to classmates through their own networks, and by hosting 25 unique gatherings for their peers during the celebration weekend.

Visit the Class Gatherings page for details about the gatherings hosted by class reps during centennial.





Mnesicles Alumni Association of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity
Howard Goltz, Secretary (952-944-5341)
Members:  Attending, or not, please forward your contact information to Howard

China Study Abroad (Hosted by 1981 China study group, open to all)

Tom Walsh '83





1946  Doris Schwanz Bjorklund (Honorary)

1950 John Madson and Roger Johnson

1954  Randy Vosbeck

1957  Frank Reese

1958  Kay Lockhart and Dennis L. Johnson

1959  Susan Blumentals

1962  John Cuningham

1963  Judsen Marquardt

1966  Francis Bulbulian

1967  C. Ron Ostberg and Dale Mulfinger

1969  Duane KellEdward Kodet, Bob Ready, and Patricia Peirsol

1970  Craig Rafferty

1971  Thomas Meyer  and Steve Weeks

1972  Dan Avchen

1973  Marvin Malecha

1974  David Bowers

1978  Ann Voda

1980  Fred Sherman and William Chilton

1981  John Murphey

1982  Tammy Magney and Marc Partridge

1983  Jon Buggy and Peter Cavaluzzi  and Deb Lonsky Nartonis and Bob Nartonis and Tom Walsh

1984  John Murphey, Marcie Meditch, Hani Ayad and Bill Blanski (event host)

1985 Burt Visnick

1988 Ralph Nelson and Thomas Oliphant

1989 Geoffrey Warner

1992  Ali Heshmati

1993 Maria Baker

1994 Aki Ishida and Deanna Seppanen

1997 Ryan Thuftedal

1999  John Cary

2000  Amy Ennen and Amy Meller

2002  Danika Larsen Hinz and Amy Meller

2003  Destin Nygard and Tu Anh Bui

2004  Tu Anh Bui   and Rachael Spires

2005  Tu Anh Bui and Sara Ibarra

2006  Meg Parsons, William Spencer / MArch Facebook event assistance from Heidi Neumueller

2007  Maegen Michael McElderry, Ian McLellan, Brady Hickcox and Jeffrey Pauling / 07 Facebook

2008  Joshua Larson

2009  Amy Artates Carroll and Sara Ibarra

2010  Amber Sausen

2012  Holly Engle, Sophia Skemp and Brady Hickcox


Questions?  Contact us.

  • Lori Mollberg (, 612-625-8796, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Amanda Underwood (, 612-626-6385, Alumni/Development Assistant





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