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Architecture Centennial Volunteers




Sara Ibarra, BS Arch ‘05, M.Arch ‘09, MDC ‘09

Tom Meyer, B.Arch ‘74




Vanessa Abin-Fuentes, BS Arch ‘10, M.Arch Student

Jordan Barlow, M.Arch Student

Susan Heglands Blumentals, B.Arch ‘59

Dave Bowers, B.Arch ‘74

Jon Buggy, B.Arch ‘84, BED ‘84

Tu-Anh Bui, BA ‘01, M.Arch ‘06 (RY ’03)

John Cary, BA Arch ‘99

Peter Cavaluzzi, FAIA, B.Arch ‘83

William Chilton, M.Arch ‘80

Roger Clemence, Professor Emeritus

Jim Cramer '76

Peter Crandall M.Arch '09

John Cuningham, B.Arch ‘62

Sam Daley BDA '12

Dave Dimond B.Arch '89

Amy Ennen, BA Arch ’01, M.Arch Student

Beverly Hauschild Baron, BA ‘72 Geography

Jane King Hession, M.Arch ‘95

Duane Kell, B.Arch ‘69

Ed Kodet, M.Arch ‘69

Christian Korab 

Gayla Lindt M.Arch '95

Kay Lockhart, BA Arch ’57, B.Arch ‘58

Linda Mack

Tammy Magney, BED ‘81, B.Arch ‘82

Adam Marcus, 2012-13 Cass Gilbert Design Fellow

Jud Marquardt B.Arch ‘63

Dave Norback B.Arch '75

Destin Nygard BA Arch '00, M.Arch '03RY

Bill Olexy

C. Ron Ostberg, B.Arch ‘67

Meg Parsons, M.Arch ‘06

Craig Rafferty BA Arch / B.Arch '70

Daniel Raznick BDA '11, M.Arch Student

Paul Reyelts

Julia Robinson, B.Arch '71, MA '80 Anthropology

Garth Rockcastle, former CALA professor

Kai Salmela, M.Arch '13

Fredric Sherman, M.Arch ‘80

Julie Snow

Kate Solomonson, faculty

Madelyn Sundberg

Rich Varda, M.Arch ‘77

Ann Voda, B.Arch ‘78

William (Billy) Weber, BA '97, M.Arch '02

J. Steve Weeks, B.Arch ‘71

Jennifer Yoos, B.Arch ‘91



Michelle Belmont, Web Team

Jolene Brink, Communications Coordinator

Warren Bruland, Imaging Lab Manager

Renée Cheng, Head, School of Architecture

Jim Dozier, Rapson Exhibitions Coordinator

Tom Fisher, Dean

Mark Hintz, Director of Development

Nicole Kennedy, Undergraduate Program Assistant, School of Architecture

Trevor Miller, Director of External Relations

Lori Mollberg, Director of Alumni Relations

Lin Nelson-Mayson, Director, Goldstein Museum

Terrence Rafferty, Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, School of Architecture

Jeanne Schacht, Graphic Designer

Constance Severson, Executive Assistant, School of Architecture

Juliann Swanson, College of Design Digital Collections and Archives

Theresa Tichich, Web Team Lead

Amanda Underwood, Alumni Relations & Development Assistant

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