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Imaging Lab

Imaging Lab

Photographic documentation is an important part of design at the University of Minnesota. The College of Design Imaging Lab provides students with the resources and support to work with digital and film photography within a studio setting as well as the equipment to record and edit both digital and VHS video. The Imaging Lab is staffed daily to educate and assist students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of technological resources they may use within their coursework and classes.

Photography is an important skill to learn while at CDes; therefore the staff provides assistance with rather than photography work for students.

The lab's staff is available for consultation about photographic problems and will provide advice and equipment where needed to help CDes students photograph their own work.

In addition to work with students, the lab's staff originates photography of student projects for the school's records and provides educational copy services for images used in classes.

The CDes Imaging Lab is located on the first floor in room 129 Ralph Rapson Hall next door to the computing center.

Warren Bruland, Lab Manager, Principal Photographer

Imaging Lab Telephone: 612-624-4137

For more information visit the Imaging Lab web page.

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