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J. Stephen Weeks, Associate Professor, Emeritus

J. Stephen Weeks

Associate Professor, Emeritus


Telephone: (612)624-2832

Stephen Weeks


B.Arch., 1973 University of Minnesota with High Distinction

A.B., 1963, Colby College


After receiving a BA degree from Colby College (‘63), majoring in Art History, Stephen Weeks earned a B.Arch from the University of Minnesota (‘73). Prof. Weeks’ interests link a series of research projects in building design, innovative materials and construction methods: a study to apply Swedish factory crafted housing systems to Minnesota’s home-building industry (1992); Electronic content editor, for the first three version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, CD-ROMs for 10th edition reference text, Architectural Graphics Standards (2001); sustainable building material evaluation techniques for Hennepin County (1999) and the Department of Natural Resources (1997); and analysis of construction methods and management processes through the development of interactive digital and automated methods for documenting building construction projects. He is a Registered Architect (MN and WI) who won a 1985 Progressive Architecture research award for his study on Preferences in Dwelling Design, sponsored by the McKnight Foundation, evaluating Minnesota's first development of energy construction techniques (1985). He has written book reviews, a technology paper reviewer, been an invited juror for regional Masonry design reviews, and participated in Masonry research and Education development conferences. He maintains a small design consultancy which has produced homes and several wood shelters at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Teaching Areas

  • Architectural Design (Arch 8155, Graduate Comprehensive Studio)
  • Materials Performance in Sustainable Design (Arch 8565)
  • Building Materials and Construction Methods (Arch 5511 Construction Materials in Architecture) and Arch 5512, Building Methods in Architecture).
  • Masonry Design Methods (Arch 5525, Design in Masonry)
  • Building Production Process (Arch 5550, Topics)

Current Research

His current research efforts are:

  • A interactive technology-enhanced website documenting the construction of three designs for the University of Minnesota by architects Frank Gehry (Weisman Art Museum, 1989-1991), Antoine Predock (the Gateway Alumni Center, 1997-2000) and Steven Holl (Ralph Rapson Hall Addition and remodeling, 1998-2002);
  • Wilder Affordable House Demonstration Project (2002-04) team member.
  • He maintains the College’s new Materials Resource Collection.


Electronic content editor, for the first three version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, CD-ROMs (1994-1999) and for 10th edition reference text, Architectural Graphics Standards,2001.

Landscape Architecture, “Peeper Meadow Wetlands Restoration and Research, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum” , Frank Edgerton Martin, October 1999; design and construction of a joint research project between Landscape Architecture faculty Prof. Susan Galatowich, Research Fellow Fred Rozumalski and Prof Weeks, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Wetlands Restoration.

Brick Quarterly, ______, “Masonry Education”, Fall 1996.

Minnesota Horticulturist, “Proposed Sensory and Horticultural Therapy Garden,” 1990, design with Moriarity-Condon, Landscape Architects, Oct./Nov.1990.

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