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Andrew Lucia, Cass Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor

Andrew Lucia

Cass Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor & Principal, ALDeR


Telephone: 612-625-5312

Office: 151D Rapson Hall



Andrew Lucia is a designer and artist specializing in a computational approach to the analysis and production of data and form in relation to aesthetics and perception. Through a systems approach to design and materiality, Lucia's research agenda focuses on the structure of ambient light, material organization, surface, and the environments in which they are produced. Prior to his current academic appointment as Cass Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor, Lucia was a visiting lecturer and critic at Cornell University, AAP (2011-2015), faculty in Visual Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design (2008-2011), and was a founding member and Senior Researcher within LabStudio (now the Sabin Design Lab, Cornell) from 2008-2015. Lucia is founding principal of the design and research practice ALDeR. Lucia has practiced architecture as designer and project manager in the offices of Yunker+Asmus Architects and M+A Architecture; as a designer in the offices of su11 architecture+design, Ruy Klein, and Barkow Leibinger Architects; and as project team member for Keller Easterling Architect. Lucia's solo and collaborative works and writings have been published and exhibited internationally, including Leonardo Music Journal, Science, American Journal of Pathology, the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Information Visualization, SimAud, ACSA & CENTER; Ars Electronica & FRAC.



University of Minnesota

B.A. Architecture, 2001

University of Pennsylvania

M.ARCH, 2008



  • ARCH 8251 - Fall 2015 - Graduate Design Studio 1
  • ARCH 3250 - Spring 2016 - BDA Workshop: Depth & Difference, Studies in Dynamic Ambient Light
  • ARCH 4150 - Spring 2016 - Special Topics: Sympathy & Surface, Studies in Static Ambient Light


Research Expertise

  • Representation
  • Computational Design
  • Systems and Information Theory
  • Aesthetics
  • Perception
  • Formalism



Peer Reviewed Publications (Selected)

  • Lucia, Andrew. "sympathy & Surface; in depth & difference" Proceedings of the 103rd ACSA Conference, Toronto, CA, 2015.
  • Sabin, Miller, Cassab, Lucia. "PolyBrick: Variegated Additive Ceramic Component Manufacturing (ACCM)" 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, Volume: 1 Issue 2: June 13, 2014.
  • Sabin, Lucia, Ott & Wang. "Prototyping Interactive Nonlinear Nano-to-Micro Scaled Material properties and Effects and the Human Scale" Proceedings of SimAud, Tampa, FL, 2014.
  • Lucia, & Sabin. "Simulating Nonlinear Nano-to-Micro Scaled Material Properties and Effects at the Architectural Scale" Proceedings of SimAud, San Diego, CA, 2013.
  • Lucia, Jones, & Sabin. "Memory, Difference, and Information: Generative Architectures Latent to Material & Perceptual Plasticity" Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Information Visualization, IEEE Computer Society. London. pp. 379-388, 2011.
  • Lucia, Lake, & Lee. "Pitch to Rhythm :: Rhythm to Pitch" Leonardo Music Journal, MIT Press. December 2010, Vol 20, Pages 97-97. Published Online 12 November 2010.


Articles, Chapters, and Works Published (Selected)

  • Lucia. "Motility and the Observation of Change" chapter in LabStudio: Design Research Between Architecture & Biolog, by Sabin & Jones, Routledge / Taylor and Francis (forthcoming, 2016).
  • Lucia. "Between Categories; Sullivan's Parallelism" in The Cornell Journal of Architecture; Spirits, Vol. 10. Actar, (forthcoming, 2016).
  • Lucia & Cihan. "Portraits & Signatures" in Association, Vol. 7. Cornell University AAP, 2015.
  • Lucia. "Sympathy & Surface" in Association, Vol. 7. Cornell University AAP, 2017.
  • 2014 | Lucia & Cihan. "Cardl" in Association, Vol. 6. Cornell University AAP, 2014.
  • Lucia, A. and Sabin. "Rethinking Xenakis and the Role of Information in the Immediate Production of Architectural Affects" proceedings of the MIA-AIM (Music in Architecture-Architecture in Music) Symposium, in CENTER 18, University of Austin, Texas.
  • Lucia & Cihan. "An" in Association, Vol. 5. Cornell University AAP, 2013.
  • Lucia, Jones, & Sabin. "Memory, Difference, and Information: Generative Architectures Latent to Material & Perceptual Plasticity" in Knowledge Visualization Currents: from Text to Art to Culture, Frank T. Marchese & Ebad Banissi eds., Springer-Verlag, London, 2013.
  • Sabin, Jones, Lucia, Fierro. "Special Issue: 2009 International Science and Visualization Challenge." Science Magazine, Vol. 327, No. 5968, p. 1 [featured on cover] & p. 945, Feb. 19, 2010.


Honors & Awards

Grants Awarded

  • "Using Spatially Varying Reflectance Information in Architectural Material Selection," Gary Meyer (PI), Andrew Lucia (co-PI). Funded by the DDC, U of MN [$20,470.11], 2015-16.
  • "A Taxonomy of Structural Curvature & Light Signatures." Funded by the School of Architecture SEED Grant, U of MN [$9000], 2015-16.
  • "NSF-EFRI-SEED: Energy Minimization via Multi-Scalar Architectures: From Cell Contractility to Sensing Materials to Adaptive Building Skins." Shu Yang (PI), Nader Engheta, Jan Van der Spiegel, Peter Lloyd, Jones & Jenny Sabin (co-PIs), Andrew Lucia (senior personnel), University of Pennsylvania [$2.0 Million] (with LabStudio), 2010-2014.
  • "Biennale." Wendy Steiner (PI & author of Libretto) and Paul richards (co-PI & Composer), Andrew Lucia (co-PI & visual design). Funded by the Mellon Foundation [$45,000], 2011.
  • Wharton WIMI Grant, University of Pennsylvania [$5,000] (with LabStudio), 2009.


Honors & Awards

  • Best Paper Award at SimAud2014, Tampa, FL, (with Sabin, Wang, and Ott), 2014
  • "Card I" awarded semi-finalist in the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, Georgia Tech, (with Cihan), 2013
  • Artist in Residence, Breadboard Gallery and NextFab Studio, Philadelphia, PA (with LabStudio), 2010-11
  • First Prize in Illustration, 2009 Science/NSF International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, awarded to Branching Morphogenesis (with Sabin and Jones), 2009
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