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Michael Haggans, Visiting Scholar

Michael Haggans

Visiting Scholar

Michael Haggans

Visiting Scholar


Off-Campus Address:

7914 Lafon Place

St. Louis, MO  63130

Telephone:  314-570-5789

Since 1980, Michael has worked on the facility challenges of colleges and universities.  He is now an independent scholar researching the future of higher education. A licensed architect, he earned his Master of Architecture degree from the State University of New York-Buffalo.  He has led architectural practices serving higher education and was University Architect at the University of Missouri and University of Arizona.

He began his current teaching and research as Visiting Scholar at the University of Kansas for the 2009-2010 academic year.  He taught at North Carolina State University in 2010-11.  This is his second year as a Visiting Scholar in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota.


        Planning and Design of the University

        Building Stories

Michael teaches and continues development of an interdisciplinary seminar course on the Planning and Design of the University.  He writes on the facilities implications of the digital transformation of higher education at 

Recent presentations include:


“Classroom, Study and Synchronicity”

Society of College and University Planners, North Central Region, 2012

“Campus in the Digital Stream:  More Click Different Bricks”

Society of College and University Planners, National Conference, 2012

“What Matters to Students: The Meaning of Campus in the Digital Stream”

Society of College and University Planners, North Central Region, 2011

"Synchronish: The Physical and Virtual University of 2050”

Future of the University series, NC State University, 2011

“The Digital Future of the University” -- Education 5334

College of Education, NC State University, 2010

"The Physical and Virtual Future of the University”

Society of College and University Planners, Southeast Region, 2010

“Then Now Ever: The Planning and Design of the University”-- Seminar Series with the School of Education and School of Architecture, Planning and Urban Design, University of Kansas, 2010


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