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Workshop Summary

Vagueterrain is a workshop examining structural growth systems that extend both laterally and vertically, merging landscape environment with 3-dimensional structure that can structurally support itself.  By studying Frei Otto and his research into form finding with material systems based on viscous material behavior, the workshop aims to develop strategies and models of optimized path/construction systems and derive self-intelligent organizational model structures in the design process. 

Workshop Syllabus

Guest Instructor

Dr. Maria Ludovica Tramontin, PhD, ASPXstudio, Cagliari, Italy




Guest Biography

Maria Ludovica Tramontin is a registered engineer in Italy and co-founder of ASPX studio, a design practice based in Cagliari (IT) focusing on design and research at the convergence of technology, environmental consciousness and contemporary culture. Her interest in technological advancements and energy-saving concepts, conventionally used to ‘support’ architecture, reflects in fact a desire for an understanding of how these can be inducted into the design from the upstart in order to inspire novel architectural constructs. She has previously worked at NOX on projects like the Son-O-house in the Netherlands and the Maison Folie in Lille, France, both completed in 2004. Her work has received several awards, most relevantly:  (1st prize) for a competition for 60,000 m2 Hospital (Nuovo Ospedale SS. Annunziata di Sassari) with a project that engages the latest trends in renewable energy sources and (3rd prize) for a competition for an Office Building in the area of the "ex-Consorzio Agrario" in Olbia (Italy). Her work has been shown at the First and Second Beijing International Art Biennale, at the First Biennale ‘Sardegna Arte Fiera 2005’,  at the Urban Promo in Venice, at the DRL TEN in London, at the UIA World Congress Turin, at the Mostra A/R Andata e Ritorno in Cagliari. The work of ASPX studio was selected for the AAST Advanced Architecture Settimo Tokyo Biennale (2009-11).  Recently completed project include a building of six apartments and a penthouse located in a beautiful residential area in the centre of the city in Cagliari with a  railing/screen concept developed  with parametric design  and an office building in  the Port of Cagliari area that uses light wood prefab sustainable construction system (X-lam, cross laminated wood technology). Ludovica holds a MS degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Architecture in Cagliari. She is Visiting Assistant Professor at GAUD, School of Architecture at Pratt Institute (NY) where she has taught from 2006 to 2013. She has taught at a number of universities internationally (UniKassel, BerlageInstitute, ColumbiaUniversity, UICBarcellona, Upenn , Faculty of Architecture in Cagliari , Italy).


Faculty Instructor & Host

Dr. Kristine Mun, PhD, Lecturer, University of Minnesota





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