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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Undergraduate Admissions

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Processes and Deadlines

Admission to the B.S. with a Major in Architecture

Students interested in the pre professional B.S.should apply to the program.

Third and Fourth Year Courses for the B.S.

  • Arch 4701 Introduction to Urban Form & Issues (Fall only), 3 cr, prereq Arch 3411 & 3412
  • Arch 3611 Design in the Digital Age (Spring only), 3 cr
  • Arch 4561 Architecture & Ecology (Spring only), 3 cr
  • Arch 3xxx, 4xxx UG Architecture Studios (Fall & Spring), 22+ cr., prereq B.S. Arch major
  • Arch 4511 Materials & Methods I (Fall only/Year 3), 3 cr, prereq B.S. Arch major
  • Arch 4521 Environmental Technology I (Spring only/Year 3), 3 cr, prereq B.S. Arch major
  • Arch 4571 Architectural Structures I (Fall only/Year 4), 3 cr, prereq B.S. Arch major
  • Arch 3xxx-4xxx Architecture electives* (Fall & Spring), 9 cr
  • Arch 44xx Architectural History elective (Fall & Spring), 3 cr
  • 3xxx-5xxx Upper division elective credits outside major (Fall & Spring), 9 cr


*ARCH 3351 and 3352 AutoCAD I and II cannot be used as Architecture electives in any Architecture degree program.

You may read more about these courses by searching for them in the Course Guide.

Admissions Processes and Deadlines



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