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Graduate Admissions

The UMN School of Architecture offers 5 graduate-level programs in architecture:

1. Master of Architecture

2. M.S. in Arch. - Sustainable Design

3. M.S. in Arch. - Heritage Conservation & Preservation

4. M.S. in Arch. - Metropolitan Design

5. M.S. in Arch. - Research Practices


The Master of Architecture program is the professional degree for those seeking to become licensed architects. 

The four M.S. programs offer a combination of academic and applied research opportunities, as well as professionally-oriented coursework, however, they do not satisfy the educational requirement for professional licensing.

The graduate admissions pages here will guide you through the admission process for these 5 programs.  Please pay careful attention to slight variations in the required application materials depending on the degree sought.





PLEASE NOTE:  Electronic submission of the portfolio is now our preferred method.  Visit Application Process for more information.



M. Arch.     January 15, 2016

M.S. SD     Rolling Admissions

Apply 4 Months Before Entry

M.S. HCP   December 17, 2015

M.S. MD    December 17, 2015

M.S. RP    Rolling Admissions

Apply 4 Months Entry



Our professional M. Arch. program can be combined with one of the M.S. programs as a Concurrent Degrees.


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