Study Abroad in Architecture!

May Term Programs 2017


Bio2 Design Lab, Tianjin to Twin Cities

Arch 4150/5250

In this study abroad course, we will interrogate architecture's new relationship with nature in China and the U.S. Together, architecture and biology faculty and students from Tianjin University and the University of Minnesota will study biological models in the development of solutions to architectural problems. Participants will tour significant architectural and nature sites in Beijing/Tianjin and Minneapolis/Saint Paul, meanwhile generating proposals that probe the disciplinary intersections between architecture and biology in two distinct cultures. Students will be exposed to meaningful aspects of each other's society and daily life that go beyond a tourist's superficial perspective.

The first half of the trip will be spent in Tianjin, and the second half will be based in the Twin Cities. In Tianjin we will establish a base studio in collaboration with professor Wei Yang and her students at Tianjin University. From this strategic location, students will have easy access to sites in Beijing, Langfang, Tangshan, and beyond. The second half will be spent in the Twin Cities, where we will host our Tianjin collaborators and complete our workshop with the help of biology students and faculty from the University of Minnesota.

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Ladakh: Architecture in the Western Himalayas

Arch 4150/5250

This program is a one of a kind trip and the beauty of the landscape and the society will transform you!

For Arch 4150 & Arch 5250, Studio Ladakh is an immersive travel program where students explore the architectural and cultural heritage of the Ladakh region of the Himalayas. This includes an introduction to the local culture, arts and crafts, construction techniques, and generally the Ladakhi way of living an ecological, symbiotic life in an extraordinarily harsh environment.

Studio Ladakh will be structured around the following workshops:

The program fee is $3725 and includes tuition and registration fees, orientation and international health insurance, housing in Ladakh, excursion, transportation, and two group meals. It does not include airfare and any necessary housing during travel to Leh, such as a long 14 hour stopover in Delhi.

If you're curious in any way and want to know more please do not hesitate to contact Kris Mun ( There is only room for 10 people for this trip. Application deadline is February 28, 2017.

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UNESCO World Heritage Field Study Workshop at Bagan Myanmar

Arch 4150/5670

Bagan is an ancient town of thousands of temples from the 8th century. Myanmar government is nominating Bagan as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The workshop intends to conduct field study on cultural and religious heritage of Buddhism as well as a survey of documenting temples in digital database.


Revolution in Architecture, Art and Literature: Russia 2017

Arch 4150/5450

Creative and Political Production in Modern Russia

In recent history, the work of architects, artists, and writers has been no more closely intertwined with political struggle than in Russia. This course traces the relationship of three forms of creative production - architecture, art, literature - through the political revolutions that brought about the birth and death of Soviet Russia.

Our study will begin during the final years of Tzarist Russia, extend through the life of the Soviet Union and conclude in the present - 21st century capitalist Russia. By investigating the turbulent relationship between creative and political movements through two periods of political revolution and the seven decades of relative political stability under Soviet rule in between, this course will support interdisciplinary critical thought, dialogue, and creative work.

We will visit St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Russian countryside to visit sites and works firsthand, meet with experts, and collaborate with peers. Explorations will be enhanced through group readings and discussion, and exercises in in writing and representation. Each student will develop a research project throughout the course with topic and format established through discussion with the instructors. Group projects encouraged.

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