Ryan Greene Receives 2016-2017 SALA Prize

Congratulations to BS Studio 03 student Ryan Greene who was the recipient of the 2016-2017 SALA Prize.

The jury said that "it was clear that in the way that the program related to the site was the defining reason for the building to be in that location." they also recognized "that the program provided a distinct means for experiencing that relationship."

Jurors included Marta Snow (SALA Architects), Mark Stankey (plaad inc), and Natalya Egon (Snow Kreilich Architects).

The SALA Prize is supported by a generous gift from SALA Architects on the 25th Anniversary of the firm and celebrates the strong connection between the firm and the School of Architecture. The donors wish is to recognize top design students, through the competitive awarding of the SALA Prize, and to help them pursue further education, especially a professional degree in architecture.